The Executive Committee for 2022 - 2023

PresidentKevin Leong 梁永基
Past presidentPeter Moon 歐偉權
Vice PresidentVacant
TreasurerLucinda Chiu 趙潔蘭
English SecretaryKirsten Wong 黄銀芳
Chinese SecretaryKevin Zeng 曾凯文


PropertyRayward Chung
MembershipKevin Leong 梁永基
SocialPeter Moon 歐偉權, Valerie Ting 陳惠娌, Robyn Thompson 陳 ....
CommunicationGordon Wu 吳道揚, Peter Moon 歐偉權
WebsiteGraham Chiu 趙世榮
Public relationsGordon Wu 吳道揚
Club HistoryGordon Wu 吳道揚, Kirsten Wong 黄銀芳, Danny Goddard 郭達良

Video Conferencing

We have Google Hangouts MEET available to us which allows a group of up to 250 to meet. This facility is provided free by Google until July, and hopefully extended if the crisis extends past that.

You need to login using your tungjung email address as that means as a part of the TungJung domain the person who starts the meeting doesn't have to let you into the meeting and it is sometimes not apparent that someone is waiting to be let in the room. So this is a manual process required for those logging in using their xtra, gmail or other identities.

Download the Meet App for Android for Android users.

And on iPhone Meet App for Apple

If you don't have a smart phone you can use a browser, and you'll receive a link to join the meeting.